We are a limited liability company (GmbH) and proud to present our dedicated and professional team, which consists of seven highly qualified specialists who guarantee first-class service and unforgettable experiences.

Chloé is an outstanding expert in the high-class escort industry. With her extensive experience as a former co-owner of “Luxury Extreme Escort,” she brings deep knowledge and an extraordinary sense of understanding the needs of our discerning clientele. Her passion for advising you and creating exceptional experiences is unparalleled.

Kristine, our back-office manager, organizes and coordinates all processes with great care and efficiency. Her excellent organizational skills ensure that all procedures run smoothly and professionally. She is the backbone of our team, ensuring that everything fits together perfectly.

Tom, our IT specialist, provides indispensable support in all technical matters. With his extensive knowledge, he ensures that our digital systems are always up-to-date and absolutely secure. This ensures that your data and privacy are always protected.

Alex is our SEO expert and handles all things related to Google. With his expertise, he ensures that our online presence is always optimized and our services are easily found by potential customers. The result is increased visibility and reach, helping to make our premium service offering even more widely known.

Stefanie is our accountant and takes care of all financial matters. With her precision and comprehensive expertise, she ensures that all invoices, budgeting, and financial reports are handled accurately and promptly. Her work ensures that our finances are in order and our business runs smoothly.

Laura is responsible for all marketing activities, online advertising, and all related areas. She has a wide range of marketing skills and is an expert in her field.

“And last but not least, our esteemed Emma, our in-house photographer. She coordinates the photo studios, the hotels, the rooms, and even outdoor shootings, taking care of our models with great dedication to ensure they are well prepared for the photo shoot. This dedication results in outstanding videos and photos!”

Together, we offer you unique sensual experiences that meet the highest standards. Let our experienced and dedicated team take you into a world full of sensuality and exclusive moments. Enjoy with us erotic pleasure at the highest level – tailored and discreet.

This is our team!