Ina – Alice  – 6 hours

Dear Chloé, please excuse my delayed response, but I was out of the country for a while. The evening with the two girls was wonderful, but I expected nothing less. Ina and Alice get along well, although I had the impression that Alice was somewhat reserved. Perhaps it was because I already knew Ina, or rather, Ina knew me. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and am already looking forward to the next time. Best regards.

Amber  – 15 hours

Dear Chloé, the meeting was very nice and met all my expectations! Amber is very talkative in a positive way and we could effortlessly have long conversations over dinner. The sexual aspect also met my expectations 100%. I can say that everything was great from start to finish. You are currently the number one agency!

Carmen – Lea  – 6 hours

Hi Chloé, The six hours in the hotel room with Carmen and Lea were just incredibly hot. The foreplay was amazing – Carmen and Lea pleasured each other, involved me, and built up the tension. The sex was intense and passionate. From start to finish, it was an unforgettable experience. Thanks for this incredible experience.

Lea – Katie 12 hours

Hi Chloé, I wanted to share a little bit about my evening with Lea and Katie. The start at the bar was just perfect. Lea in her red dress and Katie in black – they both looked stunning and drew everyone’s attention. Their laughter and the way they interacted with each other were simply enchanting. Our conversations at the bar were relaxed and flowed naturally. The background music and the soft clinking of glasses created a wonderful atmosphere. When we moved to the room, things became really special. The moments between Lea and Katie were full of tenderness and passion. It was amazing to experience the harmony and trust between the three of us. It was a night I won’t forget anytime soon – a perfect blend of sensuality and emotional connection. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

Mara 2 hours

Hi, she is definitely amazing – I would love to see her again!

Melissa 6 hours

Dear Chloé, I must honestly admit, thank you for your recommendation. The date with Melissa was truly amazing. She is an intriguing woman, charming and full of energy. Our time together was incredibly intense and unforgettable. See you soon!

Jasmin 12 hours

Dear Chloe, I am glad to hear that your date with Jasmin was such a wonderful experience! It sounds like she is not only a great conversationalist but also a stunning presence. It’s always a pleasure to meet someone who can both stimulate the mind and capture the eye. I’m sure the image of heads turning as she entered the restaurant will be a memory to cherish. I’m happy that my recommendation brought you such an enjoyable time. Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! Warm regards.

Sofia 12 hours

The date was amazing  – on a level like watching a shooting star in the night sky. Just had to share that with you.

Chanel 3 hours

Dear Chloe, thank you for the good support beforehand – Chanel was also very charming!

Jasmin 3 hours

Dear Chloe, Thank you – we got along very well again and had a really nice time together, it was truly a very harmonious and beautiful Sunday afternoon. Wishing you a lovely week ahead! Best regards.

Monika 18 hours

Dear Chloé, I just wanted to thank you for recommending the amazing date with Monika! She is absolutely stunning, with a fantastic body and a very charming personality. The service was top-notch. I have been a regular customer with several agencies, but this date will truly stand out in my memory. See you soon!

Amber – Sofia 6 hours

Dear Chloe, Amber and Sofia just said goodbye, I am completely blown away and dazed by this incredibly erotic and attractive duo. The two embody the dream of every man, watch out for addiction! This screams for a repeat. Thank you for this perfect match!

Aurora 4 hours

Hello Chloe, the meeting with Aurora was really very pleasant. She is a very polite, interested, and attractive young lady, who knows how to enchant with her charming smile and empathetic demeanor, instantly captivating you. Her dedication later in the evening was also exceptionally remarkable. Best regards

Nora – Melissa 10 hours

Dear Chloé, I took your advice and must confess that the evening with Melissa and Nora was truly magical. Their harmonious connection created an exciting yet heartwarming atmosphere, making every moment unforgettable. I am profoundly grateful to you for making it possible!

Alice 6 hours

I’m very happy to do that, Chloé, and yes, she is magnificent and possesses an amazing depth and maturity for her age. I seldom have conversations at this level with such a young woman. At the same time, she is very sexy, attractive, and open-minded. For me, this is the most beautiful and enticing combination.

Jasmin 6 hours

Dear Chloe, before I board my flight, I’d like to share a few words about the delightful evening with Jasmin. First of all, a big thank you for your excellent organization and especially for your recommendation. Jasmin was a wonderful blend of beauty, eloquence, charm, and intelligence. Our evening was relaxed and simply wonderful on all levels. I know that in such enchanted moments, we often promise to repeat them, and yet often they don’t happen as everyday life fades the magic. But in this case, I’m determined to make it happen. I’ll be in touch in the next few days to arrange a new date. Thanks again and warm regards.

Katie 4 hours

Katie was a special experience in every respect. It was a “real”, sincere and exciting date. She is super sexy, very intelligent, with the softest and most delicate skin I have ever felt.

Sofia – Amber 6 hours

Dear Chloé, is this the fifth or sixth DUO that you’ve organized for me? Regardless, Amber and Sofia were phenomenal again… OMG… The two are like sisters and have an insatiable appetite for fun and passionate sex, unbelievable but true. Thank you once again for the arrangement and your understanding regarding the price. Warm regards

Melissa 3 hours

Hello Chloé, it was nice to meet Melissa. She is very nice and I enjoyed being with her. Best regards

Katie 12 hours

Dear Chloé, it was incredible with Katie, wow! She is stunningly beautiful, tall, slim, intelligent, and very entertaining. Katie is passionate and gives herself 1000%, she clearly enjoys it and remains absolutely authentic. I will definitely be back. See you soon!

Bonita 6 hours

Hello Chloe, I must say, Bonita is really an exciting young girl. She looks fantastic and the evening was full of pleasant surprises. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. The details of our evening remain our little secret – if the walls could talk, fortunately they don’t. It was simply a wonderful evening. Thanks again.

Bonita 6 hours

Hello Chloe, I must say, Bonita is really an exciting young girl. She looks fantastic and the evening was full of pleasant surprises. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. The details of our evening remain our little secret – if the walls could talk, fortunately they don’t. It was simply a wonderful evening. Thanks again.

Nora 10 hours

Dear Chloe, I am very pleased to give you my first feedback. I must admit, I was a bit nervous as it was my first booking with you. Nora is a beautiful lady, who I got to know better during our date and you were right, she is enchanting. She is pretty, dynamic, young, and very witty. The service was outstanding and we had a really great time at dinner in the restaurant. Afterwards, we ended the evening in our beautiful suite. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope to see you again soon.

Mila – Amber 12 hours

Hello dear Chloe,
Sorry, I didn’t get around to replying sooner. Everything was fine again. The two harmonized very well. Mila is also great and really into it!
Kind regards

Monica 3 hours

Hello Chloe,
I am also very impressed. An enchanting creature and incredibly mature for her age.
Thanks for the organization!

Jasmin 4 hours

Dear Chloe, the date was really good, we got along very well and had a really nice time together. Thank you very much again and best regards

Amber – Karolina 12 hours

The date with Amber and Karolina was great. The two of them are extremely charming, always in a good mood and very open-minded. They understand each other and harmonize best, so that the atmosphere becomes a very familiar and at the same time highly erotic war right from the start. Each lady is great on her own and is doubly fascinating in a duo. The two are extremely varied, stimulating and exciting and enthusiastic. In short, an absolutely successful evening.
Kind regards

Amber 4 hours

Dear Chloé, I had a great time with Amber. She’s smart, pretty and has great conversations. She would like to please. An experience worth repeating as soon as possible. Kind regards

Amber 2 hours

Hi Chloe, Thank you for the recommendation. Your organization was impeccable. Amber was at the meeting point on time as discussed. Appearance corresponded to the pictures and service left nothing to be desired. Gladly again; I’ll get in touch in 2024. Best regards and a good start in 2024

Julia 24 hours

Dear Chloe,
everything was perfect as always, thank you very much. Julia is absolutely beautiful and stunning. We had a great time! I can only give Julia the very best feedback… Greetings and congratulations again on your service.

Karla 3 hours

Good morning Chloe, thank you for arranging ! I had a great time. She is very spontaneous, really sexy and passionate. Best wishes and see you soon!

Sara 3 hours

It was a “hot” evening with Sara! Thank you for the recommendation!

Viktoria 18 hours

Dear Chloé, Viktoria is fantastic. She is intelligent, thoughtful, direct, ambitious and super sexy. She’s a sweet girl, but when push comes to shove she turns into a wild cat. She exceeded my expectations. I will definitely book her again.

Monica 18 hours

that was a special date yesterday. Monica is the perfect lady: beautiful, absolutely uncomplicated, intelligent and sex with her is breathtaking! So I’m completely thrilled and thank you as always for the excellent service.

Xenia 6 hours

Dear Chloe, Xenia has an exceptional personality. Horny, intelligent and mature with breathtaking beauty. What a great fusion. Time flew by. We had so many interesting things to discuss, but they were constantly interrupted by exciting erotic fulfillment…Thank you for the perfect organization

Karolina 12 hours

Dear Chloe, I found Karolina absolutely magical! She’s really a bombshell. Mega outfit, hot lingerie and accessories, great face, positive, totally sweet. And I think she has a really nice feminine body. Clear recommendation and thank you for the organization.

Sofia – Amber – Karolina 12 hours

Dear Chloe, I wanted to send you a quick feedback after my 12 hours on “Charlie’s Angels”… Everything was exceptional and perfect, thank you very much! My evening with Sofia, Amber and Karolina will be remembered for a lifetime. I can’t imagine a more perfectly coordinated trio that is both well-rehearsed and powerful and refreshing. You can have fun together and fulfill all your expectations – an experience not to be missed! I look forward to future cooperation and congratulations on your service.

Sofia 12 hours

Hey Chloé, the date with Sofia was an absolute blast. So: She is a beautiful, attractive woman, highly intelligent, and you can laugh a lot with her. She is just as provocative as I am and knew exactly how to turn my head. She is also a kind-hearted person and you can be proud of Sofia because she is generally a really nice person. Her aura is unique.

Jasmin 2 hours

Hi Chloe,
It was great with Jasmin. Intelligent conversation and of course she has that model size, o la la. Thanks again for organizing, maybe I’ll meet her again in Berlin – or one of the other ladies in Berlin, there are indeed very attractive options 😉 Regards

Sofia – Valerie 4 hours

Dear Chloe,
Sofia and Valerie harmonized perfectly! The two of them are smart, super sexy, natural, funny and charming… – I think my enthusiasm has arrived…
The best duo I’ve ever had!

Sofia 6 hours

Hi Chloé
A very interesting evening as Sofia is a rare mix of characters. Changing from an intelligent friendly easy-going woman and a nymphomanic ravaging hot girl. Really interesting and exciting. Not easy to catch up to be honest :-))))))
Would definitely like to meet her again with another girl or another couple!
Thanks for taking care of everything.

Emilia 8 hours

Hi Chloe, I´m very happy of my meeting with emilia. It is second time i meet her after a few years. She is very beautiful , takative, friendly, shining and what a so sexy body… Kissing her lips and touching her busty body are a dream. I m definitively a fan of emilia. Tks for your organisation.

Emilia 4 hours

Dear Chloé, I just wanted to thank you very much for the date with Emilia. Time flew by, pure passion!
I will definitely book her again.

Emilia 6 hours

Hello Chloe,
At this point, thank you again for the perfect organization. Emilia is a very charming, attractive, elegant and educated lady with great curves! I would be happy to see her again, definitely for a longer period of time. Thank you for the fantastic evening.

Sofia – Amber   4 hours

Dear Chloe, my evening was fantastic. Both of them just want to have fun for fun. And this is irrepressible. As one wishes in dreams. It won’t be the last time I see them both.

Valerie   2 hours

Hi Chloe, I had a very nice time, Valerie was beautiful and accommodating. Thank you for arranging things!

Irina – Sofia   4 hours

We had a lot of fun and pleasure, they are a very good duo indeed. Thnak you for your suggestion

Karla   3 hours

Dear Chloe!!! I’m exhausted!!! The girl is a bombe! Can I have her Instagram? Wish you a nice evening!!

Elisa – Amber   Overnight

Dear Chloe,
OMG… Amber and Elisa, the duo of the year! Crazy women, extremely sexy, highest service. Excellent advice, thank you. Have a nice weekend. G

Valerie   6 hours

Dear Chloe,
Thank you again for the perfect organization. I had a very nice evening with Valerie. She really is a very kind and extremely pretty young lady – and she looks even better in person than on the photos. There is definitely a risk of addiction

Julia   6 hours

Hello Chloe,

I really enjoyed the evening with Julia and she fulfilled all my expectations that I had based on your description of her personality. She’s extremely attractive, has great style, engages in interesting conversation, and instantly creates a relaxed atmosphere. I am silent about all other aspects of our date and enjoy it as a gentleman. I would be happy to see you again on one of my next visits to Berlin. Best wishes and see you soon

Namaste – Kristin   Overnight

The duo with Namaste and Kristin was amazing, amazing women, amazing bodies, super sexy both of them and very entertaining together! Five star program and thank you for your recommendation dear Chloé

Amy   4 hours

Good morning Chloe, Amy is a very attractive, charming and entertaining young lady. It was fun getting to know her.

Kristin   6 hours

Kristin was bombastic! Thank you for the great organization. Until next time. Grettings

Katie – Julia   Overnight

Dear Chloe,
what a duo… Katie and Julia, they have real power together. We met at the bar beforehand and got along really well! The night for three was heavenly and devilish. Thank you for your recommendation.

Jasmin   4 hours

Dear Chloe,
The date with Jasmin was very nice. She looks even prettier in person than in the pictures. She was very funny, seductive and very erotic. Thanks for the organisation.
Best regards, S

Karla   6 hours

Dear Chloe,
It was a very nice date with Karla, a great woman! I really enjoyed the time. Many thanks for the organization and warm regards to Karla.

Sofia – Irina – Sara – Kristin Overnight

Hello Chloe,

thank you very much for your great advice. I would be very happy to get in touch with you again in the near future. Sofia, Sara, Irina & Kristin are on their way back and it was an absolute highlight!!
What a great evening :-)) LG

Amy – 3 hours

Hello Chloe,
Amy is a beautiful girl. I find them even prettier in person than in the photos. It was a very nice evening. She has allure, beautiful and very inventive :))
Thank you and see you soon.

Katie 8 hours

Dear Chloe,
I just wanted to say thank you for the date with Katie. She is a charming lady. We had a lot of fun and very interesting conversations.

Irina 6 hours

Hello Chloe

Irina was wonderful…she really is a great young lady, intelligent, funny and very attractive…
Best regards, P

Karolina Overnight

Great woman, breathtaking silhouette, very sexy and top class, service TOP, it was really wonderful and entertaining, Karolina is really a dream. Thank you for the organization. Best regards, K

Sofia – Irina Overnight

Good morning Chloe,
Thanks for the organization and recommendation for this truly unforgettable night! Sofia and Irina harmonize extremely well with each other. A true field of tension between really good sex and a lot of tenderness.
I will definitely repeat that! 

Katie 8 hours

I had an incredible time with Katie.
It is unique, beautiful and genuine, obvious and enchanting. All in all an enchanting evening. See you soon and best regards. F

Karolina 4 hours

Dear Chloe,
Thank you for the great organization. It was a great adventure getting to know the seductive Karolina. My date with her exceeded my wishes in every respect. It was really incredible. Best. K

Jessica Overnight

Dear Chloe,
the evening was very erotic! Jessica is an adventurous young woman and is a lot of fun with her. She is highly interesting and very attractive. The time after that was completely a sensation. Please say my best wishes to Jessica and I hope to see her again soon! Kind regards, T

Namaste 6 hours

dear chloe,
It was an absolutely fantastic date. Namaste was beautifully dressed and is very well groomed. A feast for the eyes. The conversations were extremely varied and interesting from start to finish. She is a very pleasant conversationalist. In terms of intimacy, too, nothing was left to be desired. I was and am completely happy.
Namaste is a top recommendation!! I’m already looking forward to a repeat.
Thank you for your advice. You’ve done everything right!!
Best regards. K

Sofia Overnight

Dear Chloe, Sofia is the devil who doesn’t wear Prada. Sofia is very special and is not averse to harder things. Sofia is very experimental and let you feel so. As soon as she notices that her accompaniment is open, she switches into devil mode and is the conductor of the orchestra. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at the beginning but since I have some experience, I adapted quickly and it was really fun, something different for a change. 🙂 By the way, Sofia speaks several languages and has also experienced quite a bit, so those are pluses as well. In summary, nice special date with a devil who shows you the beautiful sides of hell. Greetings, F.

Sofia 6 hours

Dear Chloe,

Many thanks for everything. It was a great date with Sofia. My date with her exceeded my expectations in every way. It was really great. LG. M

Irina – Amber – Overnight

Hello Chloe,
First of all, many thanks to you for organizing a great duo for me. Everything was fine. After we got to know each other a bit it was very familiar and hot. Both are really great, look great, have no fear of contact and are still really charming and not overexcited. We had a lot of fun, at least I did, but I hope they did too. Irina couldn’t seem to get enough and she’s very bi. Both are top recommendations!
Very, very best regards to both of them

Namaste – 8 hours

Dear Chloe,
the date with Namaste was simply beautiful and overwhelming from start to finish. She is an unconditional dream woman with the perfect body, happiness and a very loving nature. I’m already dying to repeat this crazy evening as soon as possible. Greetings to Namaste and again to you for the great organization. LG, p.

Lucy – Overnight

I had a really mysterious and fabulous time with Lucy! She is a special young woman with many different facets that need to be discovered step by step! Excellent service! Will definitely meet her again. Thank you Chloé for your impeccable organization as always, you are the best! Greetings, J.

Katie – 8 hours

Dear Chloe,
an unforgettable evening with Katie. Beautiful. Please tell her that I enjoyed her company very much and will remember her for a long time. Greetings,

Karla – 6 hours

Dear Chloe,
I have to thank you again for arranging the meeting with Karla. I had a wonderful intense time.
Karla is special, loving, relaxed, clever and very erotic. I would like to arrange another meeting in March… Greetings, T.

Karolina – 8 hours

Thanks again for the amazing date with Karolina. I had a very enjoyable, intense and fun time with Karolina from start to finish. She is a great woman who knows how to use her assets skillfully. I would love to experience Karolina another adventure! So Chloé it was really great with her.

Sofia – 4 hours

Dear Chloe,
Thank you for the arrangement. It was a great adventure to meet Sofia. My date was incredible. It was really first class. Grettings, J.

Valerie – 2 hours

Hello Chloe,
Valerie was absolutely stunning and the evening was perfect. Intelligence and beauty are an epic combination. Thank you for making things possible.
Regards, A

Karolina – 4 hours

Karolina was a hit, super great woman, gladly again!

Elisa – 2 hours

Dear Chloe,
Elisa is beautiful and very sweet, interesting, very young/agile, funny, super sexy. 10/10! Thank you for the recommendation and organization. Greetings, A.

Karolina – 6 hours

The date with Karolina was amazing from start to finish. She is an absolute dream woman! Karolina has a great sense of humor and a very loving nature. The time just flew by and I’m already looking forward to repeating it soon. Warm greetings to Karolina and also to Chloé for the great organization.

Greetings, R

Sara 6 hours

Hello Chloe,
The meeting with Sara was delightful and first class. A charming young woman! There is definitely a risk of addiction.

Amber – Sofia – Overnight

“Chloe organized a great date, Amber and Sofia, both great individually, we experienced an entertaining and charming evening. The night was far too short, dreams become reality, danger of addiction, if possible, with repetition.”

Irina – 4 hours

Hello Chloe,
the evening with Irina was really beautiful. She is intelligent and very open for conversation. 
Irina is very imaginative and wild in bed and definitely a recommendation!
Best regards

Katie – 6 hours

Dear Chloe,
Many thanks to Katie, its was great! She is really very beautiful, smart and definitely I want to see her 

Amber – 4 hours

Dear chloe,
 sorry for the late feedback. Everything was wonderful once we found each other…:-) Amber is a woman of plenty of imagination. She had all sorts of attractive things with her and also used them.
 Service was exceptional, absolutely without restrictions. Summary: Great woman and a clear recommendation!

Amber – 3 hours

Dear Chloe,
Many thanks for the great organization of the date with Amber. My expectations were realized and it certainly won’t be the last time. The service was unique and exclusive. Greetings to Amber.

Irina – 6 hours

Hello Chloe,
Just wanted to let you know that Irina was an absolute fantastic. She was gorgeous, extraordinary and very, very sexy. Thank you for your recommendation!

Sofia – Overnight

First of all, a big thank you to Chloe fort he excellent recommendation of Sofia.
I have never known such a good personal advice from any other agendcy.
My Date with Sofia was awesome. It`s been a long time since I had such a great time.
Her Passion absolutely blew my mind. She`s a real expert. Simply wow.

Legendary Escort

For me it was very pleasant to be advise so friendly and competent by this agency.
My date with Irina was a real pleasure. After dinner, our “party“ in the hotel room really took of…
Irina is awesome, a beautiful woman, perfect styled and extremely well groomed. She has a great
appearance and is a real queen of love.
T. from Frankfurt

Namaste – 8 hours

My date with Namaste was incredible. Our dinner was a true pleasure full of excitement. Namaste is
so great, it`s hard so find a woman like that. My expectations were absolutely met.
Can`t wait to meet her next time. Greetings A.

Irina – 4 hours

I had a date with Irina. Top recommendation, everything went perfectly. The agency does it smoothly.
Irina is amazing, she really wants to know.
Always a pleasure.
Greetings T.

Namaste – Overnight

Dear Chloe, Everything was perfect, thank you!
Namaste is beautiful and stunning and great company, we had a great time and so much fun.
I look forward to working with you in the future. Greetings and congratulations on your service.

Katie – 6 hours

Hello Chloe! first of all an even bigger thank you for the date with Katie. Now I really appreciate it 😉 She’s a real dream, intelligent, sexy, natural, funny, educated and beautiful,… – I think my excitement has arrived… Regards