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69, sixty-nine

Mutual, simultaneous oral sex as famously praised by Serge Gainsbourg in his song 69, Annee Erotique.


British parlance for anal sex, also known as bite the pillow, BUFU, boom fun, dookie love, fifth base, punch the starfish, dance the chocolate cha-cha, ride the hershey highway, or just plain Greek.

Blow job

Oral stimulation on a man, also known as bj, bob knob, cabeza, give
head, give face, smoke one’s Johnson, chrome one’s dome, licking the lollipop, gobble, Lewinski, head-bang, third base, bracejob, and of course fellatio or French.
To be divided in:

  • Covered Blow Job, or CBJ, also known as translated French:
    blowjob with a condom
  • Uncovered Blow Job, or UB], also known as untranslated French or
    OWO (oral without), which is something our ladies don’t do.


Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism – a catch-all to refer to the various aspects of negotiated, mutually consensual exchange of power between two consenting adults. To divide in a Sub (submissive) and a Dom (dominant). But please forget Fifty Shades of Grey, rather think of Secretary by Steven Shainberg or Venus in Fur by Roman Polanski, they are so much better!


A person who defines him or herself as heterosexual but is open to other experiences. Because sexual orientation is a continuum, a scale, there are gradations, and almost no one is a 100% hetero nor 100% homosexual And as Alfred Kingsley said:
‘The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats’


A person who is sexually and emotionally attracted to both women and
men and thus has the best of both worlds.


Oral stimulation on a woman, coming from the Neo-Latin words for
vulva (cunnus) and tongue (lingua), also known as DATY (dining at the
Y), eating a peach and going down. Napoleon Bonaparte was a fan, as
shown in a letter he wrote to his great love Josephine in April 1769: “Take wing and come, come… A kiss on your heart, and one much lower
down, much lower!’

Deep Throat

Not to be confused with the secret informant who exposed the Watergate
scandal and took down Richard Nixon. Here it refers to the 1972
pornmovie starring Linda Lovelace who played a woman with a clitoris in her throat. Taking a man’s penis in as deep as possible gave her thus great satisfaction. It’s a skill few ladies possess though.


Implants, most commonly breast implants, but a lot can be done
nowadays, such as butt implants, for that Kim Kardashian look, and
apparently men are getting more and more pectoral implants, to create a sixpack, or calf implants, as if they have been running a lot. Some of our ladies have breast implants, when they don’t it says ‘natural’ next to their bra size.

Erotic Massages

It may involve feathers, candle’s, strawberries and whipped cream, or just fingers, nails and the right amount of pressure. However it is done, our ladies know what they’re doing since they all have taken courses in this. For inspiration we suggest watching 9 ½ weeks, with the then still utterly handsome and un-enhanced Mickey Rourke.

French Kissing

Kissing with tongue, and nobody knows why this should be French. In
France they call it un baiser amoureux, ‘a lover’s kiss’, which sounds much more accurate. All of our ladies definitely kiss like a lover.

Grilfriend Expirience

More than anything it’s a feeling: the feeling of being with someone
you’ve been with before, and close to the felling of being with someone you love. There is intimacy, closeness, two people showing each other who they are, while talking, laughing, taking a midnight stroll or having sex. Thus it has all the benefits of a relationship, but none of its downfalls since you will never hear complaints about dirty dishes, hanging out the laundry or the fact that for the millionth time you forgot to take out the trash.

Golden shower

Also known as Water Sports, or by its official term Urolagnia, which
means urinating on your partner or being urinated upon. The ancient
Greeks probably already practiced this (what didn’t they practice?), hence the myth of Zeus who impregnated Danae disguised as golden rain. A rain that showered Danae while she was laying in her bed…. A few of our ladies are willing to play Zeus, but none will receive as Danae.


Stimulation of the male genitals by hand, also known as old-fashioned,
disciplining the octopus, the grip of awesome, knuckle shuffle, handy
manny, sleeve rocking and greek nintendo. Perhaps you think you do this best yourself, given the experience you had, but you might be in for a surprise since our ladies have taken a course which teaches techniques such as the piano player, the love tunnel, the windshield wiper and the egg.


The release of energy. And again the French term is so much better: le
petit mort, or the little death. You can die a little as many times as you
like, and perhaps you’ll take your escort with you, but just remember
famous feminist Betty Friedan’s words: ‘No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.’

Relaxing Massage

A massage to unwind. She’ll rub your shoulders, rub your back, make you forget about daily hassles, annoying colleagues and world poverty. There’s no technique required here, like in a erotic or tantric massage, but there can be some nice smelling oils involved.


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It has to be. Your mind can go to dangerous places, but your body needsto be protected. A condom will do the job.


Female ejaculation. It’s a gift not every woman has to offer, although it is said that every woman is able to. A lot depends on the techniques used by her bed partner (he or she has to be able to find her G-spot for instance)
But still: just as some people sweat more than others, or eat more than
others, some women erupt with greater facility and in more generous
quantities. Like some of our escorts do, so if you want to experience this, please ask us for the right companion

Swingers club

In the 70’s they had key parties, as famously described by John Updike in his novel Couples, but nowadays you can just go to a club where couples exchange partners or have sex with each other. Most clubs have swimming pools and sauna’s as well as dancing-, eating- and relaxing rooms.

Tantric Massage

A hybrid mix between the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and
Buddhism, combining and the teachings of (amongst others) Wilhelm
Reich, Carl Jung and Annie Sprinkle, tantra came to mean a sacred
sexuality, harmonising the female and male energy, yin and yang, spirit
and matter, capable of elevating its participants to a higher spiritual
plane. Essential in the massage is breathing, for as Annie Sprinkle said:
“Breathing is life. Many of us breathe only enough to survive but not to
live fully.


There is a Hollywood movie by this name, but again, European cinema
does it so much better! Take Innocents (The Dreamers) by Italian icon
Bernardo Bertollucci, or even better: Jules et Jim by French iconoclast
Francois Truffaut. Somehow though in ‘serious’ movies it’s always two
guys with one woman, or MFM (male, female, male), while porn mostly
depicts MFF (male, female, female). But maybe that’s a discussion for
another place. Whatever the combination is, do remember that in real
live it can go a lot less smoothly than on film. There are lot’s of body
parts, perhaps some confusion (who’s doing what?), a little awkwardness, but what is most important is that nobody feels left out. Our escorts will make sure of this. And if you choose our Couples Intimacy Package she’ll bring a nice surprise box to break the ice.


To conclude this glossary, we’ll let the the wonderful Mae West have the
final word: “Sex is emotion in motion.’ And with that nearly all is said.