In order to make the experience pleasant for both you and the courtesan, this section offers some guidelines and recommendations.
We have created it to provide guidance to those who have less experience with the services offered by our courtesans – and to inform those.
Know that you can never be too well informed. To ensure not only a pleasant experience, but a healthy one as well,
we have added the Corona Guidelines that we currently follow.

Choosing your Model

All the ladies we represent are featured on our website. The Models page includes a search function to facilitate your selection. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email or phone. That’s what we’re here for! If you have specific requests regarding clothing or makeup, we will pass them on to your courtesan, and she will dress accordingly.

Preparing for your Date

Our ladies strive to look their best when they visit you, and you are expected to take the same care. Please make sure that you are freshly showered, that your teeth are brushed and that your clothes are clean. Needless to say, the environment in which you receive your chosen lady should be appropriate for a lady and therefore clean and tidy.


The financial modalities are always clarified at the beginning of the appointment with your appointment. After that you can just relax and enjoy. You can pay cash, bank transfer, Revolut.

If you pay cash, please have the exact change in an unsealed envelope ready and give the waitress a moment to count it quickly.

Once the financial part is done, your lady will give us a quick call to let us know she arrived safely.

Don’t want to be bothered with financial matters during your date? Then you could use our option of prepayment by bank transfer or Revolut.

The Date itself

At least the first 30 minutes of the date are dedicated to getting to know each other, having a drink and a nice chat. Let the tension build up before any sexual activity takes place.

Safe Sex

Since our ladies take their and your health very seriously, they only practice safe sex. Sexual intercourse, anal and oral sex without a condom are never an option. Please respect this and do not ask your lady to engage in unsafe sex practices. This is not desired and will lead to the termination of our relationship. 


Perhaps there are private topics you would rather not talk about with your lady will of course respect that. Please take into account that there could also be private things that she does not want to discuss. Also: your courtesan has decided to be represented by an agency. Please respect this and do not ask her to meet you without our mediation.

Of course, you can rely on the discretion of your courtesan, and she relies on yours as well. If you share your previous experiences or expect your courtesan to share hers with you, she may feel uncomfortable. It’s entirely possible that your high-class escort either lives in the same city as you or has friends and/or family in the same city where you might encounter them. Therefore, public displays of affection such as kissing and holding hands are usually not allowed.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Rest assured, she will make up for it once you’re back in your hotel room.

Be a gentleman

“Treat others as you would like to be treated” is the golden rule that every gentleman should follow. Respect the boundaries of your courtesan and understand that “no” means exactly that: no.

Do not insist that she provide a service she does not offer, or drink alcohol if she does not want to. Rude behavior will result in the appointment being terminated.


A tip, which is a token of appreciation, is always appreciated but never expected.

Nota bene

If the state of health of your lady gives reason to believe that her health is at risk, she can terminate the booking at any time, without the right to a refund. The same right applies to you, of course, under the condition that you inform us at the beginning of the appointment.

Your lady reserves the right to terminate the appointment at any time in case of disregard of the customer etiquette guidelines and in case of any other unacceptable behavior. The aforementioned behavior will result in the loss of any right to a refund.

Liability Information

The models presented on our homepage are self-employed escort ladies and present themselves here as independent escorts. We, the Legendary Escort Agency, have been commissioned on their behalf with the marketing of their internet portfolio and the resulting bookings. Marketing and presentation are our responsibility, but the models are not bound on instructions. They can also decide for themselves at any time whether they wish to accept a booking or not. There is a cooperation between our agency and the ladies presented by us. However, we would like to point out to our clients that in the case of a booking and a resulting date, they enter their contractual relationship directly with the ladies and therefore we are not liable for any claims by third parties. In addition, we would like to expressly point out to the tax administration that any tax claims must be made directly to the ladies.